Online Bass Tracks

Thanks to the technology of today, I have had much success with recording bass tracks for many artists around the world without traveling.

Although I still prefer being in the studio playing with live musicians. It just isn't done that much anymore. Sad but true...we must embrace the technology and move forward.

How it works

You have a song or songs that you want to add bass. There are many ways to do this but what I prefer is... a wav file with the rhythm track.

  • For instance a rhythm track could be piano and or guitar.
  • Then another wav file with only drums and or percussion.
  • Then another wav file with a click if you have one.
  • Then another wav file with vocals. (if there are vocals)

Again there are many ways to do this... I have done tracks with someone just giving me an mp3.  We would discuss via email or phone what you want for your bass track (What style, fretted, fretless, acoustic Etc.).

What I found to work well is... I will record 3 bass tracks for you per song.

  • The 1st track would be straight forward, in the pocket. No frills no thrills.
  • The 2nd track would be similar but a bit more adventurous.
  • The 3rd track would be even  more adventurous maybe try some different things.
  • So now you will have 3 to cut and paste if desired.


Being that this is an art form and all music can be different in complexity, rates may vary.

Here are my rates for most songs if you provide a readable lead sheet. For any song that I need to transcribe and write one, add $25:

  • 1 song - $125
  • 3 songs - $300
  • Any more - $75 per song

Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Thank you,