Recording & Touring


Ron Kobayashi Trio 1994
Michael Sweet “Real” (from the band Stryper) 1995
Second Story 1996
Toxic Jazz 1997 Featuring Eric Marienthal
Ron Kobayashi Trio "Exotic Places" 1998
Chris Whynaught “I heard him on the Radio” - 1998
Insight - 1999
Mark Wood – (Touring Violinist with Celine Dion) 2000
Rodrigo Lopez featuring Frank Gambali, Justo Amario
Mary Rice Hopkins 2000
Street Corner Symphony –featuring Little Anthony
Tony Palkovik – “Estoteric” 2000
Recording with Patrick Moraz and John Goodsall
Ron Kobayashi Trio “No Preservatives release 8-01
Toxic Jazz release date 9-01
Color Theory “Something Beautiful”, session with
Jonathon Moffett Drummer for Michael Jackson, Madonna) 2002
Robin Kochis “We walk by Faith” – 2002
Sweet Surprise – Cecillo from Cecilio and Kapono 2004
Randy Stonhill Paradise Sky 2008
11:11 Orchestra with Dann Glenn, Ronnie Ciago , Jeff Berlin 2010                                        2015 - Watch For One - Baba's 2nd CD



Baba has worked on several motion picture scores, including the Universal Pictures releases "The Hunted (1995) and "Pizza Man (1990) and wrote the music for the video "Presenting the U.S. Bobsled Team".



Lee Oskar (Co-Founder and renowned Harmonica for War, the band, and Founder of Lee Oskar Harmonicas, Division of Lee Oskar Enterprises, Inc.);
Phil Upchurch (Studio Guitar, & guitarist for George Benson, Julio Iglesias, Jimmie Smith);
Eric Marienthal (Sax for Chick Corea);
Brandon Fields (Sax artist, Rippingtons);
Dann Glenn (Guitar virtuoso)
Ronnie Ciago (Master drummer and percussionist)
Hal Blaine (Renown studio drummer, Beach Boys, Birds, etc);
Roy Hargrove (Renown Jazz trumpet ply);
John Elefante (lead singer for the rock band "Kansas")
Michael Sweet (Solo artist and singer for the rock band "Stryper");
Patrick Moraz (Keyboardist for "Yes" and the "Moody Blues"
John Goodsall (Brand X)
Jami Smadzinsky (Violinist for the band Shadowfax);
Pete Christlieb (Renown sax ply for the Tonight show and Steely Dan)
Frank Stalone (pop star/actor)
Justo Amario (Studio Sax Player)
Ron Stout (Jazz Trumpet)
Paul Gilbert (Guitarist for Racer X. Mr. Big)
Albert Wing (Sax for Freddie Hubbard, Frank Zappa, Diana Ross)
Patti Moran McCoy (Renown Jazz Pianist)